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Our Subscription-based Home Cleaning Services

The Perfect Maintenance Clean

OrganiClean’s signature service is a detailed cleansing treatment for your home, using highly potent ingredients such as Sal Suds and vinegar infused with organic essential oils. Our uniquely powerful therapeutic treatment begins with dusting, followed by an aromatic scrub of the kitchen and the bathrooms. We finish with a meticulous vacuuming of all floors, rugs and carpets and a mop of all hard floors. OrganiClean provides the expert service and attention to detail that you’d expect from a five-star hotel or spa. We guarantee our cleaning services will be the best you have ever experienced.

Carpet Extraction

Our comprehensive carpet cleaning process is ideal for removing ground-in dirt, spots and stubborn stains. We use only natural, environmentally friendly carpet care products. There are no hidden charges and all fees are included in our 3 step, eco friendly process.

Our 3 step process includes:

  • 1. Thoroughly vacuuming your rugs and carpets with our HEPA-filter vacuum cleaner
  • 2. Any stains and soiling are treated with eco friendly stain remover
  • 3. Your carpet gets cleaned with our powerful and sanitizing extractor

Hard floor and Grout Cleaning

Sanitize and deodorize and make your tiles and grout shine in your bathroom, kitchen and other hard floors with our floor and grout scrubbing

Carpet Deodorizing

Deodorize your carpet in between professional carpet cleanings with your choice of lavender, lemon, or tea tree essential oils - or unscented. We let our all natural carpet deodorizing blend penetrate your carpet, then vacuum thoroughly twice.

1 room $20

additional rooms $10 each

Fridge Interior Deep Cleaning

Come home to an organized, sanitized and deodorized fridge on every cleaning visit! We will clean up any spills and stuck on foods, use our eco-friendly deodorizing treatment to remove odors, and disinfect the interior and handles to stop the spread of food-borne illnesses. Any expired food will be disposed of and products will be organized neatly.

$75 for a first time cleaning

$50 add on to monthly cleanings

$35 add on to weekly/bi-weekly cleanings

Oven Interior Deep Cleaning

We will scrub and polish every inch of your oven, inside and out! Our professionals will remove the racks and scrub them clean, scrub and wipe the rest of the interior, including the inside of the door, wash and polish the oven window, polish the exterior and ensure it is streak-free. If you have a self-clean option on your oven, please run it and make sure it’s finished at least 3 hours before our scheduled visit.

$75 first-time cleaning

$45 added on to monthly cleanings

$30 added on to weekly/bi-weekly cleanings

We LOVE laundry

Leave us your dirty clothes and bedding and come home to delicately laundered, neatly folded and freshly scented loads. If you prefer your clothes to air dry, we can hang on hangers in a designated spot or on a drying rack. Dress shirts, suits and other specialty garments are not included in this service but can also be arranged. Just ask!

$15 per load

Turn Down Service

We bring the luxury hotel room service home to you with plump pillows, fresh sheets, and perfectly made up beds. Leave out your clean sheets, blankets and duvet cover on your bed and we will remove your current bedding and replace and make up your bed. We finish our room service with a light misting of our lavender linen spray. You will feel pampered and blissed as you slide into your brand new bed at the end of your long day.

$10 per bed

Dazzling Dishes

Sink full of dirty dishes? No time to clean up after breakfast before we visit? That’s never a problem with OrganiClean. Leave us your dirty dishes for us to load and run your dishwasher, and we can even wash non-dishwasher safe items. Our goal is to make everything sparkle and take care of all your cleaning needs, so leave it to us!

$20 a load

Closet Cleanse

Are you overwhelmed with your closet? Nervous to open your entryway closets in front of guests? We can organize and tidy your closets, dusting, vacuuming and mopping (if hard floor) for a gorgeously cleaned space you’ll love to select your outfits in or hang up your guests coats in.

$95 to $185 a closet

Cabinet Interior Cleaning

If your kitchen or bathroom drawers and cupboards are in need of an organizing and cleaning, add on cabinet interior cleaning and organizing to any service. We will remove the items, vacuum, spray and wipe the interiors, then replace the items neatly. (For more intense organizing, please refer to our professional organizing services.)

$15 a cabinet

Professional Organizing -

If you need to go beyond cleaning, we can take the lead on organizing and decluttering your spaces. Closets, pantries, drawers, offices, bedrooms - we can work with you or handle it on your behalf. As each situation is unique, please contact us for a personalized quote. We know your time is valuable so can easily add some extra time to any regular cleaning service, or can add to your initial cleaning quote appointment.

Dazzling Bundles

Bedroom Bliss

You deserve a bedroom, ensuite and closet that brings luxury hotel-style turndown service home. If stepping into a master bedroom with a perfectly made up bed with plumped up pillows, freshly laundered sheets and neatly folded blankets sounds like heaven,choose the Bedroom Bliss bundle. Not only will your bed be refreshed and remade and spritzed with relaxing essential oils, we will launder your towels and replace them in your sparkling clean bathroom. We will also wash, dry and fold any dirty laundry, tidy your closet,and dust and clean all your flooring.

Starting at $100. and up

Bundle of Joy

Prepare your home for your new baby with a deep cleaning and sanitization of your home. We will focus on disinfecting hot spots, including door knobs, light switches, bathrooms and kitchens. Your carpets and rugs will be deep cleaned with a HEPA-filter vacuum and we will remove as much dust as possible. Your baby's room will be meticulously detailed so it's ready to welcome him or her home. If you have children, we can also sanitize their toys and play equipment.

Starting at $100. and up


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