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OrganiClean is creating clean, healthy, and harmonious spaces as Mid-Coast Maine’s premiere natural cleaning service. Contact us today for a non-obligatory residential or commercial cleaning estimate and discover the OrganiClean difference.

Who Are We ?

We believe in a simple approach to cleaning, whether it be in your home or your work space. Make the property the very finest version of itself, using natural, cruelty free and sustainably sourced cleaners. We never use harsh chemicals, preferring to rely on the natural cleaning properties of our ingredients.

Why us ?

Fully vetted and meticulously trained staff.
100% Satisfaction GUARANTEED

Recognized as “The Best Cleaning Service in Knox County” for 4 years.

We use natural, cruelty free, and sustainably sourced cleaning products.

Our Services

Subscription Based Cleaning Services

We provide weekly, bi-weekly or monthly recurring cleanings. Allow OrganiClean to take the stress out of keeping up with the mess and savor the pleasure of knowing that everything is cleaned and disinfected by a trustworthy professional team. We are happy to fulfill every request in order to exceed your expectations.

Deep House Cleaning

Are you preparing for the holidays or planning a special event at home? Or do you simply feel like it’s time you got things under control, clean and fresh? If so, OrganiClean’s deep house cleaning service is the perfect option for you! Deep cleaning entails a thorough, intense cleaning of your entire house. Every little nook and cranny will be disinfected, cleaned and polished to perfection.

Couture Services

Move-In/Move-Out Clean

Moving day is stressful enough without worrying about the clean-up. OrganiClean is ready to help! We will make your new home or rental shine and move in ready, all you must do is hire the mover. We can also take care of the mess that moving leaves behind with a move out clean.

Solar Panel Cleaning

It’s no secret that grimy solar panels tend to operate at a reduced effectiveness. This is where we come in. Our pros know exactly how to take care of your panels top to bottom so that you can enjoy your energy-efficient, eco-friendly home as much as possible.


Is OrganiClean a Franchised Chain?

No, OrganiClean is a locally owned, family business. Hillary started OrganiClean in 2013 and in 2018 Wayne joined the team. We are located in Thomaston, Maine and are excited to be expanding to a second office in Damariscotta in early 2021! We are proud to be part of and support our local community.

What areas do you service?

Currently, we clean all coastal towns from Camden to New Castle. Camden, Rockport, Rockland, Owls Head, Spruce Head, South Thomaston, St. George, Tenants Harbor, Port Clyde, Martinsville, Thomaston, Cushing, Friendship, Warren, Waldoboro, Nobleboro, Damariscotta and New Castle.

Who does OrganiClean hire to clean your home?

You can rest assured that all of our professional cleaning technicians are fully trained and insured. We respect all of our customers by never smoking, drinking, eating, or using appliances during our home cleanings. We wear our uniforms with pride and confidently carry out services that exceed expectations. We also undergo regular training to ensure that we’re always up to date with all of the latest and greatest cleaning techniques.

What is your pricing method like?

We offer crystal clear flat-rate pricing. There are no contracts and no hidden fees. Our pricing is based off the number of bedrooms you have in your home. We also offer hourly pricing option as well.

We make every effort to send the same employee each visit. However, sometimes due to illness, vacations, or other reasons; we may have to substitute another employee to clean your home. We also have complete and customized Work Orders for each job detailing the specifics of your home to ensure quality.

Does OrganiClean clean in teams or individuals?

OrganiClean’s services are usually performed by solo cleaners so you get the same person each time. If it is an especially large home or a Top to Bottom Deluxe Clean we will send a team of cleaning technicians to be as efficient as possible.

To get the best possible experience is there anything I need to do to my home before my cleaning is started?

Yes. To provide you with the best quality cleaning experience, if you so desire, you can pick up clutter from horizontal surfaces and floors. It is easy to unknowingly knock small items on the floor and lose them in a vacuum cleaner. The more you pick up clutter and small items not often used, the more time we can focus on the actual cleaning which gives you the best results for your cleaning investment.

Do I need to provide your team with my own cleaning equipment or supplies?

No. We arrive with all of the cleaning materials we need and take them with us when we leave. We’re proud to use the best eco-friendly products and highest quality vacuums on the market to ensure that we leave your home looking spotless.

If you have any preferences in regards to what cleaning products we use, feel free to let us know and we’ll do everything we can to work with your requests

Why will my initial clean be more expensive than my other regularly scheduled services?

Over the years, we’ve found that the first cleaning service brings a home up to a specific standard and OrganiClean is committed to upholding that standard. That’s why our initial cleaning may take longer and cost more than the rest of your services. We need the extra time to properly begin the process of eliminating mildew, soap scum, dust, and dirt from your home. Contact us to request a free estimate.

Are you okay with pets being in the home during a cleaning service?

Yes, we’re proud to be a pet-friendly company! If your pet is aggressive in any way, we recommend that you leave him or her outside or in a gated area to ensure the safety of our professional cleaning technicians. If you don’t plan on being home when we arrive, please let us know your dog or cat’s name so we can get to know them better. We always bring organic, grain free treats for dogs. Please let us know if your pooch should not receive them.

How do I get started?

It’s as easy as giving us a call! The first thing we will do is discuss your individual cleaning needs, and to give you a free estimate. We will provide you with a comprehensive list of our wide range of services, so that you may choose what you’d like us to do for you. Finally, together we will create a work order tailored to your specific requests, and you will be provided with a copy. This is not a contract, but merely another way to guarantee you our personalized, consistent and timely service.

Should I tip my cleaner?

Tips for our cleaners are neither expected nor required. Leaving them a simple note letting them know how well they did will mean a lot to them. Our cleaners want to know that their work met or exceeded your expectations. However, if you do wish to leave a tip, it will certainly be appreciated!

How do I pay for my cleaning?

We will send you a credit card authorization form before your first cleaning. We will charge your card after every clean. You don’t need to remember to leave a check out, nor do you need cash.

Our Reviews


Hillary and her crew provide a fantastic cleaning service. They are reliable, efficient, thorough and excellent value. The mid coast area needed this company as labor is very hard to find. My business depends greatly on the services she provides and we are very fortunate to have found her. Very highly recommend.

-- Jennifer W.

Jenn Wick gave OrganiClean a 5 star Review on Google
OrganiClean Replied: Thank you for the kind words Jenn! We take your business as seriously as we do our own. So glad to be working with you!

I’m so happy with my OrganiClean crew. Always on time, pleasant, thorough and caring. It can be challenge to have people you don’t know come into your home/personal space and handle some of your most cherished items. I can offer reassurance that this team provides the upmost professional care. I’ve never been more content and satisfied with a home cleaning service. There’s nothing like come home to a clean and organized space, and knowing you can consistently rely and trust those who manage your it ♥️

Carrie Ponte gave OrganiClean a 5 star Review on Google

Hillary was super professional from our starting zoom assessment to her thank you note and first cleaning gift bag. Liz who cleaned was excellent - such a noticeable difference everywhere in the house. No strong chemical smells just a nice clean natural scent and super spotless corners! Thank you so much. Highly recommend.

Nicole StJean gave OrganiClean a 5 star Review on Google
OrganiClean Replied: Its our pleasure! Thank you for joining our family!

Here's an OrganiClean goes "above and beyond" story: one day we ran out of the house with a freshly clean load of clothes heaped into a rolling basket. We came home to a spotlessly clean house and the laundry neatly folded, which we didn't ask them to do. But here's the kicker: the rolling basket was missing a wheel when we left. When we returned, it had been found and reattached to the basket. Thank you, thank you!

Ted Pine gave OrganiClean a 5 star Review on Google
OrganiClean Replied: We are happy to help Ted! Thank you for the review!

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Organi Cleanis creating clean, healthy and harmonious spaces as Mid-Coast Maine’s premiere natural cleaning service. Contact us today for a non-obligatory residential or commercial cleaning estimate and discover the OrganiClean difference.

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